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Concrete Cutting Services In Chatswood

Concrete is one of the most resilient building materials. It has been used to keep buildings, roads, pathways tough and strong for decades together. The durability of concrete is primarily why it is used in buildings. However, whenever you have to alter the building landscape, install sewage pipes alongside roads, access small areas, renovate some rooms of the building, etc. you have to perform the concrete cutting. It is one of the toughest, dangerous, and complicated jobs in the construction industry.


Chain Sawing by Concrete Cutting Sydney

Our Concrete Cutting Services:

Concrete Cutting Sydney is one of the foremost companies in Sydney well equipped to perform concrete cutting tasks of various kinds. Some types of concrete cutting that we excel at are:


  1. Core Drilling

    Core drilling involves drilling holes inside a concrete which is a tough thing to do. Core drilling is required for purposes like plumbing, electrical connections, and so on. We can dig perfect holes in concrete floors and walls with precision. Depending on the type of concrete flooring, its thickness, and the diameter of holes required, we can drill holes into the concrete using our advanced machinery.

  2. Flat Sawing

    Flat sawing is generally used to cut through horizontal surfaces. The flat saw can cut through cement and concrete as thick as 24 inches. Flooring, expansion joints, pavements, bridge decks, etc are some places where flat sawing is useful.

  3. Wall Sawing
  4. Wall sawing is used to cut through a standing wall. Such concrete is used for cutting through a wall to create a door or a window opening. We are some of the few companies for concrete cutting in Chatswood that excel at such a precision-driven wall sawing process.

  5. Kerb Cutting

    To create sidewalks, ramps, or driveways, you need to cut concrete and rock at a specific angle. Such cutting is called kerb cutting and requires advanced machinery and expertise. Concrete Cutting Sydney is well equipped to handle such tough tasks.

Concrete Cutting Sydney is one of the best in the town because:

  1. Equipment

    Cutting through concrete precisely is not an easy task to perform. It requires the use of large and complex machinery that helps you cut concrete at desired angles. We have some of the most advanced equipment necessary to carry out tough concrete work. The drills that we employ have a diamond tip that allows us to drill holes in any kind of concrete. We source machinery from large infrastructure companies so that there is no compromise on the kind of work done.

  2. Experience And Knowledge

    Concrete cutting is a complex activity and getting the desired level of precision is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand the properties of concrete, the way reinforced concrete or normal concrete fall post cutting, etc. We have professional concrete cutters that have decades of experience in concrete cutting and carrying out flawless work.

  3. Emergency Response
  4. What makes Concrete Cutting Sydney one of the preferred companies for concrete cutting services in Chatswood is our service levels. We understand that there are situations like wall collapse, pipe burst, etc where you need a fast response. We have a dedicated rapid response tea m that deals with emergency situations in Chatswood. Our team is well experienced to professionally deal with such tough situations and provide quick solutions

  5. Cost

    We are one of the largest and most trusted experts for concrete cutting in Chatswood, Sydney. This allows us to have a large scale operation. This large scale enables us to attractively price our services and help us carry out more tasks in a relatively short time. We are one of the most affordable concrete cutting services companies in Sydney.

So, whether it is for new construction, structural alteration, refurbishment of existing buildings, if you need high quality, efficient, cost-effective concrete cutting solutions, call us now.

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