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Concrete Cutting Services in Maroubra: Affordable and Experienced

Concrete cutting can be one of the most difficult and tedious tasks in the construction industry. You have to cut through concrete, a material that has been put in place primarily to last for decades and be extremely sturdy and durable. Concrete cutting tasks involve cutting through walls, RCC structures, columns, roads, pavers, etc. You might have to remove a large slab of concrete or dig through the sidelines of concrete roads for putting pipelines. It is a rather difficult task and cutting concrete is not something that everyone can do. You need precision, sophisticated equipment, and well-trained servicemen to perform this high task. Concrete Cutting Sydney is a leading specialist in Sydney that offers services for all types of concrete cutting in Maroubra and nearby areas.


Chain Sawing by Concrete Cutting Sydney

Some Concrete Cutting Services That We Offer:

Flat / Slab Sawing: Whenever you wish to cut through concrete horizontally or saw horizontal surfaces, you use fat or slab sawing. The equipment used is similar to a wooden saw, the only difference being that you use diamonds on the saw to cut concrete. Such light-weight flat saws run by using high-powered motors to cut through concrete or cement sheets as deep as 24 inches. This technique is generally used for cutting on roads, floor steps, decks, pavements, etc. This is the most common concrete cutting technique to achieve quick results.

Wall Sawing: If you need to cut through walls, you can use a wall sawing service. This technique is commonly used at times when you need to cut through walls to create openings for doors or windows. Wall sawing provides some of the smoothest finishes.

Core Drilling: When you need to install electric wires or perform certain plumbing activities you need to drill through concrete. Core Drilling is a technique in which you can drill holes through a concrete floor or wall precisely. You have many different kinds of core drilling equipment for drilling through walls or floors of different thicknesses. Such drills are also used in massive construction projects.

Kerb Cutting: Whenever, you need road widening to be done or pavement made, you need to cut through concrete to get easy access. A kerb cutting service is employed for such complex tasks to achieve smooth finishes and cut through thick concrete slabs rather easily. Using this relatively new technique, you can cut through concrete at variable angles.

Over the years of operation, Concrete Cutting Sydney has been able to gain the trust and confidence of builders, architects, local contractors, and residents.

Some reasons that make us one of the most trusted for concrete cutting services in Maroubra:

1. Range Of Equipment - Concrete cutting requires highly complex and heavy equipment and machinery to perform concrete cutting tasks with precision and agility. We have some of the most comprehensive equipment required for cutting concrete. We use machinery sourced from some of the most trusted and reputed companies to ensure high-quality work. Most of our equipment has diamond tipped blades to ensure smooth and quick operations.

2. Experience - Cutting concrete is something that cannot be mastered in a day. It takes years of experience to do this rather difficult task. Creating smooth finishes needs a lot of control and skill that can only be developed through experience. We have experienced technicians that help us perform highly complex operations rather easily. Our well-trained, skilled and experienced servicemen make all the difference.

3. Customer Service - We provide realistic estimates to our clients so that they have a realistic understanding of the cost and time involved. We strive to exceed customer expectations through high-quality customer service and workmanship. We also try to minimise the amount of dust and rubble created from cutting concrete.

We follow all the safety norms as recommended by regulatory authorities and all our work as well as our employees are appropriately covered by insurance in case of any mishap.

For us, no task is big or small and we strive to provide a high degree of customer satisfaction for all clients. Call us now to know more about the range of services that we offer and how we can help you.

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