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Concrete Cutting in Newtown

Concrete Cutting Sydney is the pioneer brand in Newtown, Australia who is able to cut and shape concrete in the best way. Guided by two decades of experience, we have performed this work in a range of different situations. Over the years, we have generated a loyal customer base who can testify to our great service. With our enthusiastic team of experts giving max priority to safety we strive to complete the project under a controlled environment and within a specific time.

Concrete Cutting Sydney is the leading industry expert to modify pre-designed constructions and transform it into something extraordinary. With high performing instruments, you can avail our service 24/7. Hire the professionals and provide speedy, clean, and cost-effective concrete cutting services in Newtown.


Chain Sawing by Concrete Cutting Sydney

Our motto

We work in collaboration with our clients and deliver only the best. If required, our experts may visit the construction site and discuss in detail the assessment and also the quotations. We will guide you throughout the action and let you know only what is best suited for the site and your requirements. Contact us to get speedy and reliable concrete cutting work done in Newtown.

Concrete cutting is seldom used to incorporate specific changes or we use modernised technologies to reduce shock waves and to get a smooth finish. As compared to other companies, we at Concrete Cutting Sydney, Newtown excels at maintaining a clean environment with minimum vibrations and clouds of dust. Use our top-level concrete cutting service to shape and redo constructions or create something new.

Core Drilling: Concrete Cutting Sydney, Newtown made the concrete core drilling seem to be easy and fast. Our team always uses modern diamond-tipped core drillers that cause the least vibrations. We use the best quality diamond-tipped core drill machines to make a hole in the concrete. This technology helps to achieve clean accuracy with fine cut edges. This method of concrete cutting establishes the best fine cut concrete holes and at quite a reasonable price.

Concrete Sawing: Concrete Cutting Sydney uses state-of-the-art technologies that make the least noise and vibrations to cut or demolish concrete structures. Our equipment proves to be cost-effective and our experts get you done without hampering the surroundings. Working in controlled or adverse environments, our experts know the best way around and will get your job done in no time. Contact our team to hire the pioneers in concrete cutting and sawing.

Cut your doubts and entrust in us

Our extensive range of services includes bursting, crunching, and cutting or drilling of concrete walls or floors for any kind of construction purposes. Our well-trained craftsmen are skilled to perform any kind of concrete cutting works in Newtown with high precision. All your worries are now ours, from drilling to cutting of concrete to levelling and cleaning the debris, our team will get it all done in a very short period.

Prompt service

We have the technology and also the labour to get your construction work done in no time. With large troops of labour ready for disposal, call us and we will reach out to you immediately.

Cost-effective service

We always strive to be the best. We value your time and money. With our company, there are no hidden charges. Also, we use industry-standard diamond-tipped concrete cutting instruments that help us to offer the most competitive price in the market. Get the highest grade concrete cutting work done at quite a nominal price.

Versatility and flexibility

We solve every concrete issue with top graded equipment that offers minimum vibrations and dust. No matter the restrictions of the location, Concrete Cutting Sydney will get the job done on schedule.

Contact our team today in Newtown and get knowledge about our working plans and pricing packages. You can also visit us to know more about our working style. Give your loyalty to us and we give the best services.

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